Our Bliss Club members include Blissymbol users (current and past users).

On February 10, 2017, four of the members:  Paul, Derrin, Amanda and Robert (second left to right in the picture), went to Toronto to participate in The Bliss Study Group.

They were instrumental in developing two new symbols for the Bliss Language.

Derrin was credited for the new symbol for “privacy”.

The group also came up with a symbol for “confidential”.

The two new symbols are being submitted to BCI, “Blissymbolics Communication International”, for approval to be added to the official Blissymbol Language.

The Participation House Bliss Club has also been given the task of sending all members of BCI-C, “Blissymbolics Communication Institute- Canada”, a birthday greeting to put on the BCI-C Website.

Their website is