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Participation House Brantford is a registered non-profit, charitable organization which provides support and services to individuals in the community with a physical disability as well as individuals including seniors with chronic health concerns. Many of the individuals supported have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord injuries and Multiple Sclerosis, and other lifelong disabilities.

Ontario-Logo-with-H N H BParticipation House Brantford receives funding assistance through the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network (HNHB LHIN) via the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The funding from the LHIN provides approximately 80% of the total annualized budget for Participation House Brantford. The LHIN does not provide funding for any special equipment or capital needs of the organization. Therefore, continuous fundraising efforts are made through special events, requests to Foundations and major gifts from local individuals to help support those costs. It is therefore very important that the organization look for constant opportunities to help with its financial responsibilities as well as its commitment to persons with physical disabilities in Brant County.

Participation House Brantford was established in 1975, and in June 1978, opened the 10 Bell Lane site (30 residential spaces) to provide community living accommodation for persons with physical disabilities. This opening was the result of a great deal of foresight and dedication by people from Brantford and Brant County who wished to provide quality opportunities for persons with physical disabilities. The individuals who came to live at Participation House Brantford viewed it as their home. Many had been inappropriately placed in large institutions and chronic care wards of hospitals. These unsuitable placements added to the challenges faced by our residents, thus creating further trials for them in their efforts to play a more integral role in the community. As a result, from the very beginning, Participation House Brantford directed most of its energy to helping residents realize their full potential whether spiritually, emotionally or physically.

Opportunities for growth were present as the years passed. As much as possible, Participation House Brantford staff has assisted residents to integrate into the community and are working with residents on setting new goals.
Programs that assist in this area are:

All of these services have provided additional support, which the residents have requested.
The success of these services is reflected in further expansion of Participation House Brantford. We have been pleased to be able to become involved in the community through the establishment of the Participation House Supportive Living Apartments. Eleven of the residents of Participation House Brantford moved into their own private apartments. These people, most of who had been originally institutionalized, were moving out into the community. This allowed for more individuals in the community to gain supports and services at both Bell Lane and West Street.

In addition, 1987 saw the beginning of the Attendant Care Outreach Program. This service provided continuity for those individuals who had moved on to independent living, but who required self-directed personal care. This program has grown substantially since its inception and will continue to grow in Brant County. Currently over 30 individuals receive personal care and support in activities of daily living in their own home from the Attendant Care Outreach program.
In 2008, funding was received through the Aging at Home Strategy. In collaboration with Brant Community Living, permanent respite services are now made available for individuals with disabilities who are aging and living at home or living at home with aging caregivers. Participation House Brantford has made two respite rooms available 24 hours per day 7 days per week at the 10 Bell Lane site for those who qualify.

255 Colborne Street Brantford Facility

255 Colborne St.

In August of 2011, Participation House Brantford, in partnership with Northern Gate Investments, and the Provincial and Federal governments Affordable Housing initiative, 17 tenants living at 11 West Street moved to 255 Colborne Street. This location was built to accommodate the specific needs of the tenants. In addition to the 17 units to accommodate the tenants, eight additional units were designed to be completely modified and accessible. Participation House Brantford leases three of these additional units in addition to the 17 other units to accommodate the tenants that moved from 11 West Street.

Also in August of 2011, Participation House Brantford received funding for a pilot project to offer Assisted Living for High Risk Seniors located in the downtown core of Brantford. The objective is to provide scheduled and unscheduled visits to up to 30 seniors in their home to provide supports that will reduce the need to go to the emergency department or hospital (support with taking medication, getting in and out of bed to reduce falls, meal preparation etc…) Brantford does not have Supportive Housing for seniors and it is hoped this pilot project will expand and provide the much-needed gap in services to seniors in Brantford and Brant County.

Marketing and Volunteer Services has been an indispensable component of Participation House Brantford since it opened in 1978. It is through these ongoing efforts that we are able to strive towards constant improvements in services.

As community needs have grown, Participation House Brantford has strived to ensure that the needs and rights of persons with disabilities are met innovatively and flexibly.

Board Members for 2015 – 2016

Past Chair – Mr. Eardly Judah
Chair – Mrs. Margot Neill
Vice Chair – Mr. David Stapleton
Treasurer – Mr. Jim Steele
Secretary – Mr. Chris Daly
Mr. Barry Chadbolt
Ms. Lesleigh Elgie
Ms. Eva Ricci
Mr. Randy MacKenzie
Mrs. Bonnie Noble
Mr. Don Archi
Mr. John Huigenbos

Privacy Statement
Participation House Brantford collects holds uses and discloses information only as it relates to day to day business requirement of the organization. Participation House Brantford does not as a practice, sell, and barter or leases its information to and 3rd party interests.